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NYA leads march against Tramadol

The National Youth Authority has led a youth march against Tramadol abuse to mark International Youth Day.

Last Saturday, the youth in their hundreds marched through prinicpal streets in the Brong Ahafo regional capital, Suyani, to drum home what has been described as an ignored health crisis among Ghana's youth.

Tramadol is a pain killer causing great pain among the youth as an overdose is packaged and shipped into the country through porous borders.

Despite the recommended dosage of between 50 to 100 milligrammes some unscrupolus importers are peddling the drug with a dosage of around 250 milligrammes.

Sold for cheap, patrons who buy it for a cedi say they feel high and are able to work longer hours without feeling fatigue or pain. The drug has therefore become popular for all sorts of purposes.

Some used it to improve sexual performance while there have been reports that Tramadol tablets have been found on Boko Haram combants. 

The CEO of the National Youth Authority Emmanuel Asigri at the event held in Sunyani remarked that Tramadol abuse must challenge Ghanaians to did deep into a Samaritan motivation and help those who have fallen by the wayside of life after being introduced to the drug.

The march was attended by regional directors of the National Youth Authority, Youth groups and a Tramadol abuse campaigner Dennis Aboagye who is also Municipal Chief Executive(MCE) of Akuapem North Municipal.