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The hope of building a Ghana that is more prosperous, equitable, inclusive and peaceful rests on the shoulders of young persons. One key block for Ghana’s economic transformation is achieving the benefits of her Demographic Dividend.

Global experience have shown that there are a multiple of pathways to human development; among the pathway processes, is the shifting of economic activity from urban cities to rural areas leading to a decrease in the degree of urbanization with the attendant outcomes of social deviance such as risky reproductive health patterns, including early pregnancies and maternal deaths, drug and substance abuse related violence and crimes and general indiscipline among others.

Yet, another positive transformative attitude, rests in unlocking all potentials in a wide assortment of areas, including matching the skills of a large and youthful population as in Ghana, to the needs of industry and as well, conveying competency-based artisanal trade and vocational skills of the informal sector into youth development on the threshold of national economic growth whilst demystifying stereotypes in skills training and promoting professionalism thereby leading to improved standards of living. 

Therefore, since the overall development and empowerment of the youth is imperative for the attainment of any developmental goals, it is important to take into account the needs of the youth in all national development plans.

As part of Ghana’s transformative agenda, especially as pertains to youth development and the need for effective mobilization of the youth for productive engagement, the National Youth Authority  besides following in the perspectives of the current political dispensation as well as in the  attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of 2030, together with the Africa Union (AU) agenda 2063, is focused on championing the goal to “Create Prosperity and Equal Opportunity for All” with key emphasis on Skills Development for Industry, Entrepreneurial and Business Development in line with its mandate as enshrined in the National Youth Authority Act 939, (2016).

The focus on “Skills Development for Industry and Entrepreneurship together with Business Development, is a reflective function of the Authority which is to formulate policies and implement programs which seek to promote in the youth a sense of creativity, self-reliance, leadership, loyalty to Ghana, discipline and civic responsibility, that syncs with three key thematic pillars of the African Union(AU) Roadmap on “Harnessing the Demographic Dividend through  investments in the Youth:” i.e. Apprenticeship and Skills Development; Employment and Entrepreneurship together with Rights, Governance and Youth Empowerment.

Upon the above premise, the National Youth Authority urges all young persons to channel their energies into productive ventures and to take advantage of the many noble programs being rolled out by the government.


The Authority further envisages and expects a progressive and exciting collaboration with the youth, (as individuals or groups) development partners, and other stakeholders in building a more prosperous Ghana where there is equal access to opportunities for self and national development irrespective of age, gender, religion, ethnicity, economic and political persuasion.

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