Overview Statement

It is globally acknowledged that, the youth are the most important human capital. Efforts at enhancing the overall development of young people are therefore considered crucial to our national development agenda.  The National Youth Authority (NYA) of Ghana by the National Youth Authority Act 2016 (Act 939) is thus, the Statutory Public Organization with the mandate to ensure the empowerment and the overall development of the Ghanaian youth under the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The objects of the Authority are - Ref: NYA Act, 2016 (Act 939) (2) to:

a) develop the creative potential of the youth;

b) develop a dynamic and disciplined youth imbued with a spirit of nationalism, patriotism and a sense of propriety and civic responsibility; and

c) ensure the effective participation of the youth in the development of the country. 


The core functions of the National Youth Authority are - Ref:  NYA Act, 2016 (Act 939) (3) to:

1. formulate policies and implement programmes that will promote in the youth

a. a sense of creativity, self-reliance, leadership, loyalty to the country, discipline and civic responsibility; and 

b. a sense of friendship and cooperation through exchange of ideas with recognized youth organizations in other countries in Africa and the world; 

2. develop the capacity of the youth to participate in decision-making at all levels;

3. establish and supervise youth leadership and skills training institutes; and

4. in collaboration with the Ghana Youth Federation, organize annual youth conferences at the national, regional and district levels.

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