The Chief Executive Officer of the National Youth Authority, Mr. Emmanuel Sin-nyet Asigri on Friday 26th May 2017 led a delegation of staff from the Authority to meet and interact with management of Prefos Ltd., a leading Electrical and Civil Engineering Company at their offices and ultra-modern factory situated at Adaku Jachie near Ejisu in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

The visit which was intended to give further impetus to the new mandate of the Authority at superintending youth development empowerment in Ghana was also to bring into focus the vision of the current leadership which hinges on training and equipping young people, particularly those in the informal sector with alternative means of earning a living through skills acquisition.

Mr. Asigri, emphasized the urgent need and desire of the Authority to collaborate and partner with innovative and proactive agencies with such facilities as Prefos in order to carry out the vision and mandate of the Authority. He mentioned the YLSTIs that the Authority manages and the quest to revise their curricula to reflect present needs and demands. To promote a sense of identity and belongingness among the trainees and graduates, the NYA and the FEPTAG plan to award certificates of completion of a trade Mr. Asigri mentioned.

On her part, Mad. Philomena Owusu Ansah, General Manager of Prefos Ltd, in her welcome remarks, expressed delight at the visit and the timeliness. She mentioned ameliorating the youth unemployment menace and upholding beautification of Ghana’s cities as the organization’s key focus; thus the overall mission to brighten Ghana and empower the youth through skills training.

Madam Ansah reiterated the company’s resolve to strengthen Public-Private Partnership (PPP), which has resulted in their collaborations with Ministries such as Local Government, Energy and Petroleum, and a host of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies in a quest to provide street lighting in all streets of Ghana.

On a concern raised by Mr. Asigri on requirements for admission to the Prefos Training School which favored JHS graduates but sought to exclude talented but out-of-school youth, Mad. Ansah assured all present that indeed there was a package for youth who had not completed JHS.

On his part, Mr. Anaman, Director for projects at NYA, asked about the duration of the programmes at the Prefos Training Institute to which it was revealed that there is a four week intensive assembly and maintenance course which involves both classroom work and practical hands on training.


The C.E.O and his team were later conducted round the facilities of the company which took them to the assembly plant, testing room, and some classrooms.

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